Truck Rentals

Moving Trucks- U-haul moving trucks and vans are designed from the ground up to move families, not freight. They'll save wear and tear on your family, the most important part of any do-it-yourself move.

26' - 4+bedrooms
24' - 3-4 bedrooms
17' - 2-3 bedrooms
14' - 1-2 bedrooms
10' - apartment

Cargo Moving Van - great for small loads
Pickup Moving Truck - perfect for small jobs

Utility Trailers - Trailers are a superior solution for many in-town errands, from hauling building supplies, to picking up plants or landscaping materials or hauling refuse to the landfill.

Cargo Trailers - Economical and convenient - if you're driving a car or if your moving truck is filled to capacity, hitch up to a cargo trailer!

Sport Trailer

Vehicle Trailers - When it comes to moving your vehicle, U-Haul has the best range of rental solutions. U-Haul is the only moving company that rents towing equipment one way without a moving truck. If you're attending a car show, purchasing a new vehicle or traveling in a motor home, U-Haul has the right rental equipment to tow your vehicle.

Car Trailer/Hauler
Car Dolly
Motorcycle Trailer